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Wes’s World: François Truffaut’s JULES AND JIM on 35mm!

Jules and Jim

One of the French New Wave’s great period pieces and one of Truffaut’s greatest love stories, JULES AND JIM offers a nostalgic look at a ménage à trois that begins before World War I and concludes with the outbreak of National Socialism. In between these landmark historical events, this magical adaptation of the Henri-Pierre Roche novel takes shape. The story of two men who share a romantic relationship with the same woman is based on Truffaut’s reflection that “the couple is not a satisfying concept, but is there an alternative?” Starring Oskar Werner, Henri Serre, and Jeanne Moreau, the film is a lyrical character study that celebrates freedom, love, loyalty, and life at its most passionate and tragic. (105 mins.)

JULES AND JIM screens Sunday, July 13 in our Whitsell Auditorium (located in the Portland Art Museum).  The film is being presented as part of our Wes’s World: Wes Anderson and His Influences series.
Tickets are available online or at the door.

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Jules and Jim

Wes’s World: François Truffaut’s JULES AND JIM on 35mm!

One of the French New Wave’s great period pieces and one of Truffaut’s greatest love stories, JULES AND JIM offers a nostalgic look at a … [Read More...]

Rushmore pic

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Orland Nutt

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Grave of the Fireflies

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