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Northwest Tracking: I AM NOT A ROCK STAR

I am Not a Rock Star

The sacrifice of self, the acclaim, the adoring crowds… classical pianist Marika Bournaki fits the role. But the title of Oregon-born Bobbi Jo Hart’s award-winning portrait speaks to the contradictions of Bournaki’s life. Made over a span of eight years—following the classical phenom from age 12 to 20–the experience amounts to a front-row seat in the transition from child to adult and the forming of a personality. Shot in vérité style in concert halls and on the road around the world, Bournaki’s experience and stunning performances reveal both the rewards and costs of a life dedicated to music. (85 mins.)


I AM NOT A ROCK STAR screens Thursday, September 18 at 7pm in our Whitsell Auditorium (located in the Portland Art Museum).  The film is being presented as part of our ongoing Northwest Tracking series.

Tickets are available online or at the door.

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I am Not a Rock Star

Northwest Tracking: I AM NOT A ROCK STAR

The sacrifice of self, the acclaim, the adoring crowds... classical pianist Marika Bournaki fits the role. But the title of Oregon-born … [Read More...]

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