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10 AM
Whitsell Auditorium at the Portland Art Museum – 1219 SW Park Ave
NO COST for high school students and teachers

In honor of National Poetry Month, we are exited to bring you our next FREE Global Classroom screening from Seattle filmmaker Linas Phillips. GREAT SPEECHES FROM A DYING WORLD follows Linas on a personal expedition as he befriends 12 homeless people in Seattle struggling with their unfortunate circumstances. Through the artifice of their reciting great speeches from history—from Shakespeare to JFK—we glimpse the nobility in their lives and a new context for the words and ideas themselves.

The film will be introduced by filmmaker Linas Phillips, and following the screening Linas will facilitate a Q & A with students and teachers.

To take advantage of this exciting opportunity for your students, please CLICK HERE to download our reservation form. You can also contact Education Programs Manager, Anna Crandall at or phone (503-221-1156 x25) with any questions.

USA 2007 / 91 minutes
Watch the trailer
Read the New York Times review
Read an interview with director Linas Phillips


The Northwest Film Center School of Film’s Global Classroom Program brings the best in new world cinema to high school students through free screenings during the Portland International Film Festival and throughout the school year. Screenings take place in the Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium, inside the Portland Art Museum.


Portland International Film Festival
February 18-21, 2014

Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium, inside the Portland Art Museum

The opportunity to teach the world through film is available FREE to you and your students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Participation is by advanced reservation only. Please preview the film you intend to see, and take advantage of the background materials provided to optimize curriculum integration.

Films and Showtimes:

Tuesday, February 18
10:00am ERNEST & CELESTINE (France)
12:30pm MAIDENTRIP (Netherlands)

Wednesday, February 19
10:00am MAIDENTRIP (Netherlands)
12:30pm THE GOLDEN DREAM (Mexico)

Thursday, February 20
10:00am VILLAGE AT THE END OF THE WORLD (Great Britain)
12:30pm MAIDENTRIP (Netherlands)

Friday, February 21
10:00am THE GOLDEN DREAM (Mexico)
12:30pm ERNEST & CELESTINE (France)


Information about visiting the Whitsell Auditorium (map)

Questions? Contact Anna Crandall, (503) 221-1156 x25

Festival screenings are subject to change.

Tuesday, February 18 at 10:00am
Friday, February 21 at 12:45pm
In French with English subtitles
DIRECTOR: Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner

Animation- 80 mins.
Ernest and Celestine is the winner of France’s Cesar Award for Best Animated Feature and numerous other festival prizes. Tucked away in networks of winding subterranean tunnels lives a civilization of hard-working mice, terrified of the bears that live aboveground. Unlike her fellow mice, Celestine is an artist and a dreamer, and when she nearly ends up as breakfast for burly troubadour Ernest, the pair forms an unlikely bond. But it isn’t long before their friendship is put on trial by their respective bear-fearing and mice-eating communities. Like a gorgeous watercolor painting brought to life, influences as varied as Buster Keaton, Bugs Bunny, and the outlaw romanticism of Bonnie and Clyde create “a delightful melding of visual style and narrative pirouettes, a just-about-perfect hand-drawn animated feature.”—Screen Daily.

Sponsored by the French American International School and TV5Monde.

MAIDENTRIP (Netherlands, 2013)
Tuesday, February 18 at 12:30pm
Wednesday, February 19 at 10:00am
Thursday, February 20 at 12:30pm
In Dutch and English with English subtitles
Themes: personal courage, first person storytelling, carrying out a journey, family relationships

Director: Jillian Schlesinger
Documentary – 82 mins.
“At just 14 years old, Laura Dekker sets out on a two-year voyage ‘to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone.’ While the Dutch teen’s announcement spurs a highly publicized custody battle with the Child Welfare Office, Schlesinger focuses on the real heart of the story, a fiercely independent girl and her audacious dream. Schlesinger films Laura at her many exotic ports of call, but it’s the young captain herself who shoots all the footage at sea in journal-like conversations with the camera. Far from scrutiny and land, she’s visibly free and speaks so confidently and honestly about her desires, fears, and vulnerability, you forget you’re watching a teenager. It’s clear this old soul is captaining not only her beloved boat Guppy, but also her future, of which she’s already in full command.”—Hot Docs.

Sponsored by Chipotle Mexican Grill and the World Affairs Council of Oregon.

Thursday February 20th at 10:00am
In North American Indian (Greenlandic) and English with English subtitles
Topics: indigenous cultural traditions, coming of age, perspectives on environmentalism, narrative structure in documentary

Directors: Sarah Gavron, David Katznelson
Documentary – 82 mins.
This rich, real-life human drama, full of humor and hope, follows the lives of the 59 villagers who inhabit the Inuit village of Niaqornat, one of the most remote human habitations on Earth in spectacular northern Greenland.  With stunning cinematography and disarming interaction with their subjects, the filmmakers follow the life of the community for an entire year, as it grapples with many of the same challenges as other small communities around the world: a dwindling population, a lack of industry and jobs, the traditional giving way to modernity.  The film focuses on a number of interesting townsfolk—Ilanngauq, the adaptable outsider who moved to Niaqornat after meeting his wife online; Annie, the elder who remembers the ways of the shamans and a time when the lights were fueled by seal blubber, and Karl, the huntsman and village leader who hatches a plan to revitalize the economy which unfolds over the course of the story.  The most compelling character is Lars—the village’s only teenager, who lives with his grandparents and connects with the world via Facebook and Google Earth while dreaming of another life as he nears 18.  Against the backdrop of steadily melting ice that portends larger ecological changes for the whole planet, he too faces his own future and gathers the strength to move forward.

Sponsored by Chipotle Mexican Grill.

THE GOLDEN DREAM (Mexico, 2013)
Wednesday, February 19 at 12:30pm
Friday, February 21 at 9:45am
In Spanish with English subtitles
Topics: immigration, struggle and perseverance, friendship and loyalty

Director: Diego Quemada-Díez
Narrative – 102 mins.
Quemada-Díez brings a gritty realism and social conscience to a story about the excitement and horror young Central American migrants regularly face in trying to make it to the United States. Sara, a Guatemalan teenager, chops her hair off and disguises herself as a boy. She’s joined by her friends Juan and Samuel on a thrilling and brutal journey north, hopping freight trains heading for Los Angeles. As the group faces life-and-death challenges from bandits and corrupt law enforcement, they learn crucial life lessons about friendship and loyalty. This poetic thriller was inspired by the true stories unfolding daily along unnamed railroad tracks, and the remarkable cast of untrained actors won a special prize in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival. “A very substantial movie, with great compassion and urgency.”—The Guardian, London.

Sponsored by Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Global Classroom – Faded: Girls & Binge Drinking

A project of the Northwest Film Center School of Film



10 AM
Whitsell Auditorium at the Portland Art Museum – 1219 SW Park Ave
NO COST for high school students and teachers

In conjunction with our 40th annual Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, we are exited to bring you our next FREE Global Classroom screening from Portland filmmaker Janet McIntyre.

FADED is a powerful documentary profiling four young Portland women (ages 14-25) and their struggles with binge drinking. It screened to great acclaim at our 2011 Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, and has had success at festivals throughout the United States. Scroll down for a full description of the film.

The film will be introduced by filmmaker Janet McIntyre, and following the screening Janet will facilitate a debrief and discussion between students, teachers, and special guests involved in the film.

To take advantage of this exciting opportunity for your students, please CLICK HERE to download our reservation form. You can also contact Education Programs Manager, Anna Crandall at  or phone (503-221-1156 x25) with any questions.

US 2012
Press Kit
FADED is a 60 minute documentary profiling four young women, ages 14-22, and their struggles with binge drinking. With the eye of a reporter, the curiosity of an anthropologist and the sometimes wounded heart of a teenager, award-winning filmmaker McIntyre launched a five-year mission, embedding herself in these girls’ lives. From high school classrooms to underground college parties, from roller derby rinks to erotic bakeries, FADED explores the vibrant, dynamic and scary life of a 21st century girl.


The Northwest Film Center School of Film’s Global Classroom Program brings the best in new world cinema to high school students through free screenings during the Portland International Film Festival and throughout the school year. Screenings take place in the Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium, inside the Portland Art Museum.

Top Down 2013 Cocktail Series: Introducing the Chameleon


The summer sunshine has returned after a poorly timed hiatus during last week’s Top Down. We are sad to have missed the opportunity to taste the Devil Hisself. Hopefully you made it at home and toasted the Dancing Outlaw. This week’s cocktail is inspired by Woody Allen’s turn as a human chameleon in ZELIG. The Driftwood Room’s Michael Robertson brings us a colorful drink reminiscent of a margarita on the rocks, but with a sweet surprise as the temperatures rise.

The Chameleon

1 1/2 oz. Blanco Tequila
3/4 oz. Triple Sec
3/4 oz. Lime Juice
3 Blood Orange ice cubes
Shake with ice and strain into a glass over a combination of fresh ice and blood orange ice cubes. As the blood orange ice cubes melt, the drink will change color, just like Woody Allen’s character.

ZELIG screens on Thursday, 8/8 atop the Hotel deLuxe parking garage. Get advance tickets here.

Doors at 7pm. Music at 8pm. Film at 9pm

A Benefit for the NW Film Center – Big Night at the Oscars

Come join us on Sunday, February 24 for this amazing event benefiting The Northwest Film Center. Many thanks to Portland Monthly for making this event possible and to St-Germain, Hotel deLuxe, and KINK.FM for additional support.

For more information, click on the image below. 


PIFF 36 Trailer of the Day: MADRID, 1987


A mere eight days into the Festival and the PIFF 36 screenings are coming fast and furious.  With 10 screenings happening just this evening, it was difficult to choose only one film to highlight, but we ended up landing on MADRID, 1987 as our “trailer of the day.”  Check out the trailer below and we think you’ll agree that this is one charming looking film.

Our PIFF 36 screenings of MADRID, 1987 are co-sponsored and organized by PRAGDA with support from the Embassy of Spain, Washington; American Airlines; and the Secretary of State for Culture-Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport.  For more info on how to see it at the Festival, follow this link to our PIFF 36 microsite.

PIFF 36 Schedule Updates


This is the place for the latest updates to the 36th Portland International Film Festival exhibition schedule. The PIFF microsite may not reflect the latest updates, so please bookmark this page and check back often. Later in the Festival, the ENCORE SCREENINGS will be listed here.

If you have questions between the times of 12-6 p.m., please call our Advanced Ticket Outlet at 503-276-4310.

Schedule Updates

Theater Changes:

◦     2/18         4:30PM        Lloyd Center 4        FLICKER                        New Theater: Lloyd Center 10
◦     2/18         5:15PM         Lloyd Center 10     HANNAH ARENDT      New Theater: Lloyd Center 4

Time Changes:

◦     2/18        4:30PM         Lloyd Center 10     FLICKER                        New Time: 5:15PM
◦     2/18        5:15PM         Lloyd Center 4       HANNAH ARENDT      New Time: 4:30PM
◦     2/18        7:00PM         Lloyd Center 10     LA PIROGUE                New Time: 7:45PM
◦     2/18        7:45PM         Lloyd Center 4       KEEP SMILING            New Time: 7:00PM

◦     2/18       2:15PM          Lloyd Center 4       ENGLISH VINGLISH   New Time: 1:30PM


to come


to come

PIFF 36 Opening Night Film

Blancanieves_low res

“While Michel Hazanavicius’s Oscar winner, THE ARTIST, was a playful valentine to pre-talkies Hollywood, Spanish writer-director Berger’s inventive Andalusian tale is a love letter to 1920s European silent film, effortlessly mixing humor and melodrama in delightful fashion.”—Hollywood Reporter

(Portland, OR) – Opening this year’s 36th Portland International Film Festival on Thursday, February 7, 2013 is Spain’s submission for the Best Foreign Film Oscar, BLANCANIEVES, a silent-set reworking of the Brothers Grimm fairytale “Snow White,” offset by punchy Flamenco rhythms and full of imagination. Due to scheduling difficulties, THE SAPPHIRES (Australia, director Wayne Blair) will be screening instead on Friday, February 8 and Sunday, February 10.  Over the last 35 years, the Festival has provided diverse and innovative films to an audience of more than 35,000 annually from throughout the Northwest. [Read more...]

The Mountain Runners: The story of America’s first mountain race

Whether you’re a runner, history buff, filmmaker or you just simply have an adventurous spirit, the feature film The Mountain Runners by Todd Warger and Brian Young of Mt. Vernon, WA is sure to take you along for a wild ride into the wilderness.

This documentary explores the history of the legendary Mt. Baker Marathon (1911-1913) and the unique stories of the select few young men who dared to take part in the trying yet glorified 120-mile race from downtown Bellingham to the icy summit of Mt. Baker and back. With $100 in gold coins and the coveted Herald Cup up for grab, the men were motived to win the race, but there was something else that kept the strongest of the pack going when the logical choice would have been to quit. While the race only lasted three years due to the danger it presented to the runners – treacherous terrain, blazing blizzards, and stripped down model T’s toppling over pot holes – along with a string of bad press, it went on to inspire Bellingham’s widely popular Ski to Sea race, which still takes place today.

The film will screen as part of the Northwest Tracking Series at the Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium inside the Portland Art Museum on Thursday, January 24 at 7 p.m.

Can’t wait for the screening? Check out the trailer here:


Marc Ribot comes to Portland January 11

The NW Film Center and Search Party are happy to announce that legendary guitarist and composer Marc Ribot is coming to the Whitsell Auditorium January 11, 2013. He will perform live accompaniment for a screening of Charlie Chaplin’s first feature-length film, THE KID, preceded by a short set before the film. As Reel Music fans know, Ribot was originally scheduled for a festival performance last October during Reel Music 30 and had to cancel due to a family emergency. We’re very pleased to be able to reschedule this amazing musician!


Marc Ribot

Ribot has been just about everywhere and collaborated with just about everyone, from stints playing guitar with Wilson Pickett, Carla Thomas, and Chuck Berry, to the downtown Manhattan avant-garde scene, to high-profile work with Tom Waits and Elvis Costello, Ribot’s work can also be heard in films such as WALK THE LINE, THE DEPARTED, and WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Ribot’s work has touched many styles, including no wave, free jazz, and Cuban music.

THE KID is Charlie Chaplin’s sincere and touching tale of the down-but-never-out Tramp (Chaplin) and the adorable ragamuffin (six-year-old Jackie Coogan) who, rescued as a foundling and raised in the School of Hard Knocks by the Tramp, is his inseparable sidekick. Runtime: 60 mins.

Special Admission: $18 general, $14 Silver Screen members – TICKETS GO ON SALE DECEMBER 21
Location: Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium, 1219 SW Park Ave.

Join us on January 11 and ring in the New Year with Marc Ribot.

Sponsored by MusicFest NW, Music Millennium, and OPB Music.


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