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New episodes of Adjust Your Tracking are released every week, and recent episodes are always freely available for download from the iTunes Store or streaming via Stitcher Radio. For older episodes, browse this archive by scrolling down the page chronologically. Each episode title links to that episode’s blog post, or you can click the “MP3″ links to download an episode directly to your computer or mobile device).

WARNING: Episodes of this podcast may contain explicit language.


AYT #96: Rise to the Occasion posted 10/21/2014 (MP3)

AYT #95: The Fincher Affect posted 10/15/2014 (MP3)

AYT #94: A Film Prophet? posted 9/16/2014 (MP3)

AYT #93: title wave(s) posted 8/24/2014 (MP3)

AYT #92: Gene Shalit Ain’t Got Shit On Us posted 8/8/2014 (MP3)

AYT #91: Dazed By Linklater, Confused He’s Still Underrated posted 4/25/2014 (MP3)

AYT #90: How Do You Apocalypse? posted 6/26/2014 (MP3)

AYT #89: Surface Pleasures posted 5/22/2014 (MP3)

AYT #88: Cinematic Detours posted 4/25/2014 (MP3)

AYT #87: Cinema Crawling Under Our Skin posted 4/11/2014 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Dave Hanagan posted 4/4/2014 (MP3)

AYT #86: (Fr)enemies posted 3/28/2014 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Isaac Olsen posted 3/26/2014 (MP3)

AYT #85: What’s The Rush? posted 3/13/2014 (MP3)

AYT #84: Kicking The Dead Horse Of 2013 posted 1/30/2014 (MP3)


AYT #83: Looking Elsewhere For Cinematic Pleasures posted 11/22/2013 (MP3)

AYT #82: A Certain Kind Of Cult Cinema posted 11/7/2013 (MP3)

AYT #81: Back In The Saddle Again posted 10/28/2013 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Robert K. Elder posted 10/11/2013 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Dorothy Darr posted 10/7/2013 (MP3)

AYT #80: Exploring The Shame Spectrum posted 9/26/2013 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Velcrow Ripper posted 9/25/2013 (MP3)

AYT #79: In The Mood For TIFF posted 9/20/2013 (MP3)

AYT #78: Here’s Is Something You Can’t Understand… posted 9/13/2013 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Eddie Muller posted 9/5/2013 (MP3)

AYT #77: What Genre Can Do posted 8/29/2013 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Jackie Weissman posted 8/26/2013 (MP3)

AYT #76: Unpacking Our Thoughts, Or, Why Some Movies Just Don’t Work posted 8/22/2013 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Sarah Henderson, Erich Lyttle posted 8/20/2013 (MP3)

AYT #75: Nice Little Movies posted 8/15/2013 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Sage Eaton posted 8/12/2013 (MP3)

AYT #74: Finally, A Very Good Summer Movie posted 8/8/2013 (MP3)

AYT Deathmatch: Only God Forgives // Nicolas Winding Refn posted 8/2/2013 (MP3)

AYT #73: Can We Conjure A Feeling? posted 7/25/2013 (MP3)

AYT #72: They Look Like Big, Good, Strong Hands… Don’t They? posted 7/18/2013 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Henry Weintraub posted 7/16/2013 (MP3)

AYT #71: Reverse Shot posted 7/12/13 (MP3)

AYT #70: State Of The “Industry” posted 7/5/13 (MP3)

AYT #69: The Heat Is On, And R-Rated posted 6/27/13 (MP3)

AYT #68: Black Hearted Women posted 6/19/13 (MP3)

AYT #67: Super Fight posted 6/16/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview: A.J. Bond posted 6/12/13 (MP3)

AYT Cannes Film Festival Edition posted 6/6/2013 (MP3)

AYT Interview – Jordan Vogt-Roberts posted 6/4/13 (MP3)

AYT #66: Confusing Morgan Freeman posted 5/30/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Noah Baumbach posted 5/27/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Richard Martin posted 5/26/13 (MP3)

AYT #65: Spectacle Fatigue Syndrome posted 5/22/13 (MP3)

AYT Deathmatch: Spring Breakers vs. Pain & Gain posted 5/17/13 (MP3)

AYT #64: A Stroll Around Noir Ville posted 5/9/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Christopher Bell posted 5/6/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Adam Leon posted 5/6/13 (MP3)

AYT #63: Only The Summer Forgives posted 5/2/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview: Dustin Morrow posted 4/25/13 (MP3)

AYT #62: Here’s Mud In Malick’s Eye posted 4/25/13 (MP3)

AYT #61: Oblivious To The Mysteries Of Room 237 posted 4/18/13 (MP3)

AYT #60: Roger & Us posted 4/11/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview Edition: Vernon Lott posted 4/9/13 (MP3)

AYT #59: Like Juice posted 4/5/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview Edition: Mike Weeks posted 3/28/13 (MP3)

AYT #58: We Need To Talk About Lynne Ramsay posted 3/28/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview Edition: Walter Salles posted 3/25/13 (MP3)

AYT #57: Look At Harmony’s Sheeeeit! posted 3/20/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview Edition: Scott Ballard posted 3/19/13 (MP3)

AYT #56: Does It Work For You? posted 3/14/13 (MP3)

AYT Interview Edition: Zach Weintraub and Nandan Rao posted 3/10/13 (MP3)

AYT #55: Cinematic Injustices posted 3/7/13 (MP3)

AYT #54: War Witches vs. Giant Slayers posted 2/28/13 (MP3)

AYT #53: Digital Frustrations, Oscar Predictions posted 2/21/13 (MP3)

AYT #52: Yippee-ki-yay Sightseers posted 2/13/13 (MP3)

AYT #51: PIFF Effects posted 2/8/13 (MP3)

AYT #50: Across Sundance Street posted 1/31/13 (MP3)

AYT #49: The Evolution Of Arnold posted 1/23/13 (MP3)

AYT #48: Waiting For 2013′s Great Films posted 1/17/13 (MP3)

AYT #47: 1 Show, 2 Reviews And 2 Top 10 Lists posted 1/9/13 (MP3)


AYT #46: Tarantino Unchained posted 12/20/12 (MP3)

AYT #45: The Bootleg Cut (aka Yub Nub) posted 12/12/12 (MP3)

AYT #44: Killing Hitchcock Softly posted 12/6/12 (MP3)

AYT #43: The AYT Connection posted 11/29/12 (MP3)

AYT #42: Searching For David O. Russell posted 11/21/12 (MP3)

AYT #41: Lincoln Sans Vampires posted 11/16/12 (MP3)

AYT #40: Bond Is Back, But Do We Care? posted 11/08/12 (MP3)

AYT #39: Dream Of The ’90s posted 10/22/12 (MP3)

AYT #38: Sinister Videotapes & Tantric Filmmaking posted 10/12/12 (MP3)

AYT #37: Close The Loop posted 9/29/12 (MP3)

AYT #36: PTA Is The Master posted 9/22/12 (MP3)

AYT #35: Watch These Films Alone? posted 9/13/12 (MP3)

AYT #34: The Fall Of Movies posted 9/6/12 (MP3)

AYT #33: The Weakest Summer In The World? posted 8/30/12 (MP3)

AYT #32: Adapt Or Die posted 8/23/12 (MP3)

AYT #31: It’s Ok To Scare Kids posted 8/16/12 (MP3)

AYT #30: Our Story Of Film posted 8/9/12 (MP3)

AYT #29: We Can Remake It For You Wholesale posted 8/2/12 (MP3)

AYT #28: It’s Complicated posted 7/26/12 (MP3)

AYT #27: A Trilogy Of Reviews posted 7/19/12 (MP3)

AYT #26: The Nolanverse posted 7/12/12 (MP3)

AYT #25: Raiders Of The Lost Theaters posted 7/5/12 (MP3)

AYT #24: Hey Ladies, A Movie For You? posted 6/27/12 (MP3)

AYT #23: Apocalypse Meh posted 6/21/12 (MP3)

AYT #22: Black Goo posted 6/14/12 (MP3)

AYT #21: A Different Take On Prometheus posted 6/7/12 (MP3)

AYT #20: Anal Retentive Anderson posted 5/31/12 (MP3)

AYT #19: Yes We Cannes posted 5/24/12 (MP3)

AYT #18: The Dictator Has No Clothes posted 5/17/12 (MP3)

AYT #17: Genre Movies With Indie Stuffing posted 5/10/12 (MP3)

AYT #16: Hard R Summer? posted 5/3/12 (MP3)

AYT #15: Alt-Summer Rock posted 4/26/12 (MP3)

AYT #14: It’s David Gordon Green Man! posted 4/19/12 (MP3)

AYT #13: Curmudgeons In The Woods posted 4/12/12 (MP3)

AYT #12: Being Miss Bala posted 4/5/12 (MP3)

AYT #11: The Raid Or: The Importance Of Colons In Movie Titles posted 3/29/12 (MP3)

AYT #10: We Talk To (And About) Kevin posted 3/21/12 (MP3)

AYT #9: Awash In Remakes posted 3/15/12 (MP3)

AYT #8: The Refnening posted 3/8/12 (MP3)

AYT #7: That Was Cold Blooded… posted 3/1/12 (MP3)

AYT #6: Midnight Marauders posted 2/23/12 (MP3)

AYT Bonus Episode: A Chat With Wim Wenders posted 2/16/12 (MP3)

AYT #5: The PIFF With An Interview posted 2/16/12 (MP3)

AYT #4: The PIFFkeepers posted 2/9/12 (MP3)

AYT #3: Oscar Who? posted 2/2/12 (MP3)

AYT #2: Most Anticipated, Laptop Cinema, Love It/Hate It posted 1/26/12 (MP3)

AYT #1: Best Films of 2011 posted 1/19/12 (MP3)


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