Forgiveness of Blood (La Faida)

Just 8 days left until the Portland International Film Festival kicks off on February 9th with a screening of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, followed by a fabulous Opening Night party at Nel Centro with jazz/swing music and lots of tasty wine and beer.

To get you excited (and keep you there), the NW Film Center Newsroom has decided to post at least a trailer a day from now until the closing day of the festival, February 25th.

Watch the trailer for Forgivess of Blood below.

Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay at the Berlin Film Festival, Forgiveness of Blood is set in a small Albanian town where the old and the new are never far apart. Heading to his job, Mark takes a shortcut across a neighbor’s property. In a place known for its centuries-old blood feuds, the transgression results in murder. Ancient Balkan code of law allows for retribution, forcing Mark into hiding, while his teenage son Nik—more interested in motorcycles, the internet, and his girlfriend than in old rivalries—must confine himself at home to escape the avenging family. It is then up to Nik’s sister, a promising student, to quit school and somehow keep her father’s business alive. Weaving a story of justice, family loyalty, outdated tradition, and personal survival into a riveting drama, director Joshua Marston (Maria Full of Grace) explores the collision of generations in a society at once ancient and modern.

Showcasing the color saturated cinematographic and character driven style of its directorForgiveness of Blood depicts the struggle inherent in coming-of-age within the confines of violence. See it on Friday February 10th at 8:30 PM (Cinemagic) or Sunday February 12 at 5 PM (Lloyd Mall 5). To see a complete list of screenings, please visit the 35th annual PIFF schedule.

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