Adjust Your Tracking #3: Oscar Who?

Adjust Your Tracking is the new podcast produced through the facilities of the Northwest Film Center Newsroom. The show is hosted by Joe von Appen and Erik McClanahan, and is produced by Jessica Lyness and Laurel Degutis. Opinions expressed are that of the hosts, and not necessarily of the Northwest Film Center. In episode 3, Joe and Erik  find time to discuss the Oscar nominations but quickly realize they just don’t care all that much. We also revisit Love It/Hate It to re-evaluate our chosen films from last week. Will our opinions change? But the main focus of this week’s show is our opposing reviews on two new films in theaters right now, “Haywire” and “The Grey.”

A reminder to all readers and listeners that PIFF 35 is less than a week away. The festival goes from February 9 – 25, with more than 80 shorts and features from around the globe screened. We’ll have more on the festival next week and pretty much the rest of the month. We hope you look forward to our coverage.

New episodes of AYT are released every Thursday, so make sure to come back and check out what Joe and Erik are discussing. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section, or feel free to email or follow us on Twitter at You can download the podcast by right-clicking the link below and selecting ‘Save Link As…’ Once saved, the show can be played in iTunes or any other mp3 player. Or stream it on the embedded player.

AYT #3


  1. My initial thoughts on seeing trailers for “The Grey” were something like “oh boy, it’s Alive meets The Flight of the Phoenix with a dash of Twilight.” It’s also been a bit difficult to get excited about new “look out, depressed Liam Neeson is gonna rage” roles lately, as we’ve all become slightly numbed to them (kind of like the “Robin Williams is a sweet and sensitive man” craze some years back). Now your arguments have definitely piqued my interest and I want to go check this film out…thanks!

  2. Erik McClanahan says:

    Great! Even though I was slightly disappointed with some elements of The Grey, it’s a good movie, definitely worth seeing in theaters. I like your R. Williams analogy too. Thanks for listening.


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