40th Anniversary Gala Preview: Firesteed Winery

“And wine can of their wits the wise beguile, make the sage frolic, and the serious smile.”          -Alexander Pope

We know you’ve been wondering- what delicious beverages will we be drinking on this momentous occasion, the long-awaited celebration of 40 years of fantastic films and fabulous filmmakers? On this note, the Northwest Film Center is extremely pleased to announce another major sponsor of the upcoming 40th Anniversary Gala: Firesteed Winery.

Since the early 1990s, Howard Rossbach of Firesteed Winery has been carefully sourcing the best fruit that the wine countries of the Pacific Northwest, and select international regions, and producing consistently well-made and enjoyable wines. Firesteed has produced wines from all of the major viticultural appellations in Oregon, including: the Willamette Valley, the Umpqua Valley, the Rogue Valley of western Oregon and the Walla Walla Valley in eastern Oregon.

For the first decade of business, Rossbach ran a “virtual winery, without his own vineyards. However, since 2003, Firesteed has been producing wine from the 90 acres surrounding their popular tasting room and retail shop in the Eola Hills appellation. In 2006, Rossbach began work on another 200-acre plot, lovingly dubbed the “Erratic Oaks” property.

Firesteed commands a dedicated following throughout the entire Pacific Northwest and beyond. Two decades of fine wine making, dedication to sourcing the highest quality of grapes, and a commitment to showcasing the best that the Oregon wine countries have to offer, are but a few of the reasons we are thrilled to have them on board for the Gala.

Stay tuned for more wine and food details- coming soon! Tickets and more information about the 40th Anniversary Gala can be found here.

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