Featured Feature: Certificate Grad Jared Liebenau Presents New Film

Jared Liebenau
, an independent filmmaker and School of Film Certificate Graduate based in Eugene, Oregon, gives a teaser to his mysterious independent film at the August MOPAN meeting. The Children of Terra Firma, written, casted, and directed by Liebenau, embodies the perplexing disappearances of first a family in 1982, then a heavy metal band in 1992, and finally a duo of documentary filmmakers in 2002 –a decade later all is revealed when a paranormal reality show host finds the truth. Liebenau will be answering questions about the production of his sci-fi feature and filming process and sharing a few clips August 9.

Liebenau graduated from the School of Film’s Certificate Program in 2010 and has had his films recognized in various festivals such as the Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco (CA), Olympia Film & Music Festival (WA), and Noise! Festival (Vancouver BC). Liebenau will be hosting a full screening of the Children of Terra Firma this September.

We wish Jared all the best in his future in film. Well done!



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